Social and Educational Games for Children

We make attractive and beautifully tailor-made educational games for children aged 4 and up to learn social skills, how to be resilient and how to overcome fear of failure in a fun way. They have been designed by an experienced child psychologist and they have been extensively tested.

The games are used at several universities and also by parents, teachers, child therapists, coaches and remedial teachers. There is no need for a special education, you are free to use the games as you see fit to reinforce social skills, dealing with bullying and harassment, coping with failure anxiety or difficulty of expressing feelings or talking about life in the wake of a divorce.

Within several weeks the cardgame let's be Super Cool Friends will be printed and available!

What are we looking for?

As a highly specialized and qualified publisher, which is very successful in the Benelux region and the Czech republic, we seek cooperation on the basis of a license agreement.
We design, produce and distribute various educational games and books for children aged 4 to 12 years in order to make them sociable and resilient through play. 
The games and books are widely used by elementary schools, parents, child therapists, pedagogical academies and universities. You can have a look at to get an impression about the books and games which are available in Dutch.

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